2 in 1 Oil and Vinegar Bottle Sprayer

  • Spray instead of pour!
  • Practical spray bottle for vinegar, oil or lemon juice
  • Spray effect leads to a lower dosage and can contribute to a healthier diet with less oil and fat
  • Spray is fine and smooth, just like fog. Tiny nozzle design is easier to control the amount
  • The transparent glass oil dispenser makes it easy to distinguish the liquid inside
  • Helpful level indicator in milliliters on the glass for orientation
2 in 1 Oil and Vinegar Bottle Sprayer; Oil Dispensing; Olive Oil Spray Bottle; 2 In 1 Oil sprayer for cooking Olive sprayer bottle vinegar dispenser gadgets
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Great not only for salad fans: with the ingenious spray bottle, you can cleanly dose vinegar and oil at any time and just as strong or as subtle as you like.

In addition, you now have both at hand at all times and never have to look for vinegar again while you have used the oil already.


Material: ABS + PC + 304 stainless steel

Size: 5.5 (DIA.) x 19.5 cm (H)

Volume of each compartment: 90 ml

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