Bungee Hose 50ft with a Foam Cannon

  • Expands up to 50ft, convenient and retractable
  • Never kinks or tangles, stores easily
  • Strongest and lightest hose with superior, durable inner tube
  • Comes with a foam cannon blasts dirt away
  • Great for garden, patios, boats, pools, watering plants, vehicles, homes
  • More hose size available: 25 ft, 75 ft, 100 ft
50ft Retractable Garden Hose With Foam Cannon; Strong Durable Inner Tube Bungee Hose; Kink & Tangles Free Indoor Outdoor Flexable Hoses Available
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This Bungee Hose is retractable and kink-free, has strong durable inner tube, Never kinks or tangles, stores easily. Can fill with solution in Foam Cannon container or attach any bottle to it. For foaming technology that blasts dirt away. High-quality materials garden hose is ideal for multi-purpose use, like patios, boats, pools and so on.


Bungee Hose 50Ft

Material: Polyester web filament + rubber

Inner tube: rubber

Length: 50'

Color: Green(360U) + Black

Connector and ON/OFF Valve: Brass colored aluminum                                                                                                                                 


Foam Cannon

Material: ABS + POM +PET (bottle)

Size: 31.7 (L) x 20 (H) cm

Nozzle Size: 2.3 (Dia.) x 16 (L) cm

Bottle Capacity: 500ml

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