Camping & Picnic Multipurpose Scissors

  • Multi purpose sharp scissors: this kitchen scissor is extremely convenient to cut meat, chicken bone, fish scale; trim pork fat; chop vegetables, herbs and more; No need knife and board. Also easily used as nut cracker, bottle opener, can opener and peeler.
  • Durable & resistant: blades of kitchen shears are made of factory-grade stainless steel. Heavy duty scissors with higher hardness is more durable and stronger corrosion resistant
  • Anti-rust and not easy to fracture, and it's sharper, really good cutter for kitchen
  • Easy wash & store: food scissors can come apart for easy cleaning and it's dishwasher safe. With magnet on scissors cover can stick to fridge for safety storage and easy to take
  • All for easy kitchen work
  •  Left hand right hand grip: handles of cooking scissors are designed for both right and left handed chefs, and they are made of high quality TPR material, non-slippery, comfortable to grip. You will find food preparation easier and faster with our kitchen scissors set
Kitchen Scissors-Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears Stainless Steel, Comes-Apart Detachable Kitchen Shears, With Magnetic Holder ; Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors, Sharp Kitchen Shears Multipurpose Stainless Steel Scissor
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These scissors for the kitchen can be effortlessly sanitized. Easily separate the blades for a proper hand cleaning or stick them in the dishwasher. With extra-thick blades you will be able to cut through most typical food items, in addition to using their handle notches in order to open jars. The scissors continue to be multifunctional with a serrated center for cracking nuts and slots in the center of the blades to peel fruits and vegetables. The scissor's stainless-steel blades are extra thick and feature micro-serrations for ultra-strength when cutting. For comfort, these scissors have ergonomic soft-grip handles when you use them. When done, you can tuck the scissors in a strong magnet protective blade guard. 


Material: 2cr13 stainless steel + PP + TPR
Size: 22.5 x 8 cm 
Available colours: green, blue, black, pink, red 

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