Circulation Leg Exerciser with Remote Control

  • Easily operates via control or touch screen
  • Ideal for rehabilitation- limited mobility or circulation problems
  • 5 Levels of speed for choice
  • Forward and backward movements promote and stimulate body blood circulation
  • Exercises legs and exercises heart, improves your body's oxygen content
  • Strengthens your leg muscles, relieves pain, and reduces leg fat
  • Applies to people with overtime work, heavy family work, and long-time sitting
  • Conveniently adjusts inclination according to your own comfort and use
  • Exercise at any time while you are watching TV or sitting at your desk
Circulation Leg Exerciser; Portable Electric Circulation Leg Trainer; Exerciser Machine with Remote Control
Item No.: SP21002-00100
Inventory Status: In Stock

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This seated electric circulation leg exerciser is perfect for anyone who sits for long periods of time (office job) or lives a mostly sedentary life and is looking to easy steps toward a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Regular use can help improve circulation, plus reduce swelling, aching or tiredness in your legs and feet.


Material: ABS + TPE

Size: 46 x 40.5 x 13.5 cm

Weight : 3.5 kgs

Power: 20 W

Voltage: 220V/240V or 90V/110V

Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not incl.) for remote control

With 5 speed levels

Touch screen with LED lights

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