Gardening Knee Pads

  • Comfortable lightweight pads gives the softest, thickest support for your knees.
  • It is encased in waterproof, durable neoprene with a quick dry, wipe clean.
  • Easy to put on and take off, portable and easy to store, washable.
  • They have adjustable "Hook & Loop" straps, one size fits most.
  • Suitable for home gardeners, washing work, trimming, weeding and more.
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♦  The gardening knee pads are made from high quality memory foam, designed to protect your knees to prevent the pain your garden. 

♦  Double no-slip straps are located both above and below the knee, extra-long widths and Velcro strips fit most knee sizes. 

♦  It is ideal for horticultural weeding activities. 

♦  Ideal for cleaning, scrubbing the floor, gardening, car repairing, house chores, exercise, cargo sorting and more.


Material: Neoprene + Polyester + Memory foam
Size: 23 x 51cm

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