Graphene Cookware 7-pc Set

  • Patented triple layered graphene coating technology
  • High heat conductivity and even heat distribution
  • Graphene atomic patterned cooking surface & superior non-stick performance
  • Stackable, space-saving cookware system
  • Less oil for healthy cooking
  • 40% power saving
  • Easy cleaning, light and durable
  • PFOA free, CA65, FDA approval
Graphene Nonstick Cookware Pan, 8-pc set, Round Pan with Induction Base, Stackable, Ergonomically Handle, Dishwasher Safe Cookware Pan
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The graphene pan has high thermal conductivity and even heat distribution. It allows for healthy cooking with less oil than usual. Retro classic color! Durable enamel coating! High wear resistance! Easy to clean, lightweight and durable. Works in the oven and on all stove tops, electric, gas ceramic, induction and halogen.


Material: aluminum + stainless steel + glass


1 x 24cm sauté pan

1 x 24cm flat lid

1 x 20cm fry pan

1 x 20cm casserole

1 x 20cm flat lid

1 x 16cm sauce pan

1 x 16cm flat lid

Thickness: 2.8 mm

Handle: long ergonomic non-slip handle

Bottom with induction base/side handle

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