Graphene Insoles, One Pair

  • High resilience improves cushioning and protect from repetitive impact
  • Supports your foot with the springy TPU arch
  • Shock absorption reduces shock and helps reduce wear and tear on your legs
  • Anti-slip mesh prevents slippage that would cause blisters
  • Kills bacteria and eliminates odor with graphene infused material
  • Ideal for walking, running, and cross-training
Shock-Absorbing Graphene Insoles; Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles Men Women; Comfort Anti-Slip Graphene Inserts; Kills Bacteria Insoles
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This Graphene Insoles can absorb shock while walking or running with the extra shock absorption insert, high resilience supports long-time wear and anti-slip insoles for safe exercise, high-material insoles with the breathable mesh can kill bacteria and eliminate odor, it is ideal for active sports and various shoes.


Material: BK mesh with antibacterial agent + PU + TPU + Graphene

Thickness: Front: 6mm; Back10 mm

Elastic shock absorption ≦ 20 J (Impact energy: 5 J)



S : 4-8 / 35-39

M : 6-10 / 37-41

L : 8-12 /42-47

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