HOII T Shirt with Mandarin Collar

  • This product uses thin and light fabric
  • Featuring latest Eco - friendly fluorescent painting and textile techniques. This UPF 50+ clothing can not only protect your skin from ultraviolet
UPF 50+ UV Full Zip Sun Protection Jacket ; Long Sleeve Sun Shirt Outdoor Workout
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HOII is the first textile brand to effectively capture beneficial elements of natural sunlight. Fusing that technology into its proprietary fabrics that are water absorbent, cool, and quick dry, HOII products are revolutionary in offering UV protection and rejuvenating the skin through non-ingested, non-topical, and noninvasive means.

Our fabrics are certified in China and Taiwan, among other countries, and offer features such as sun/skin protection, deodorization, antibacterial protection, and cooling technology. HOII revolutionizes the skin care industry with contemporary apparels, focusing on both health and beauty.


SGS, the leading international inspection organization, has tested and certified that the penetration rate of UPF50+, UVA, and UVB rays for our HOII fabrics are all under 1.03%, signifying our leadership in sun protection performance.



M - (length) 61 cm, (shoulder) 42 cm, (sleeve length) 60 cm

L - (length) 61.2 cm, (shoulder) 42.5 cm, (sleeve length) 64.5 cm

XL - (Length) 65.3 cm, (shoulder) 48.5 cm, (sleeve length) 67 cm

XXL - (length) 71.5 cm, (shoulder) 53.5 cm, (sleeve length) 70 cm

* 1-2cm error of measurement due to different measurement methods.


Color: blue, yellow, red

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