Household Knife Sharpener

  • Our 6-in-1 knife sharpener features a multi-purpose design that can satisfy different sharpening needs
  • It is safe and comfortable to use with a non-slip base and ergonomic handle design
  • The sharpener is suitable for a wide range of knives and tools, and includes a serrated blade sharpening function
  • Sharpening knives is made simple - just gently pull the knife and in a few seconds, you can easily get a sharp blade
Household Knife Sharpener; Knife Sharpeners; 6 in 1 Manual Adjustment Multi functional Knife Sharpener; Scissors Sharpener
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The multi-functional design of our 6-in-1 knife sharpeners for kitchen knives can not only meet the needs of coarse and fine grinding, but also includes sharpening functions for serrated blades and scissors. Our serrated knife sharpener distinguishes itself from other knife sharpeners and can meet the needs of a wider range of occasions.


Material: ABS + tungsten steel + Ceramic + Stainless steel + Rubber
Size: 22.2 x 10 x 5.2 cm
With 6 sharpening functions: 2 x coarse, 2 x fine, serrated, scissors


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