Organ Cat Scratching Board

  • Made of quality, thickened corrugated paper with an impressive high-pressure bonding and scratch-wear resistance
  • A uniquely designed honeycomb encrypted corrugated paper scratching board, it does not hurt the claws
  • Helps your precious cats to relieve stress and keep their claws healthy and manicured at all time
  • Can be folded into a crib to sleep in
  • Comes with a toy ball making a pleasant tinkling sound when rolling to increase your cat’s interest of playing
  • It can also serve as a resting place where your cats can relax or sleep after a long play
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes and ages. With this foldable cat scratching toy, no more shredded sofas and cushions!
Cat Scratching Board; Cat Toy Board; Folding Cat Scratch Toy; Foldable Cat Scratcher
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This interactive cat toy has a fun shape, retracts and folds, making it perfect for cats to play with, the toy ball will make your cat love to put its paws in, grinding and playing at the same time, suitable for cats of all ages!


Material: corrugated paper

Size: 11 x 10 x 7 cm (folded)

         24 (Dia.) x 10 (H) cm (open)

Incl: 1pc scratching board, 1pc bell ball

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