Silicone Sponges, Set of 3

  • Strong enough to remove all the grime off your dirty pots and pans but gentle enough to avoid scratching non-stick pans
  • Multi-colored system helps identify sponges to prevent cross-contamination
  • Fast drying silicone material helps prevent odors and mildew build up over time
  • Great for avoiding unwanted irritants and chemicals
  • Silicone material lasts up to 3 times longer than conventional sponges
Silicone Sponges; Kitchen Scrubber; Dish Sponges; Dishwashing Sponges Reusable; Soft Sponge; Colored Sponges Set
Item No.: HH20009-03000
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This set of 3 sponges is perfect for cleaning dishes and surfaces quickly and hygienically, without fear of damaging them. Being made of silicone, they prevent the growth of bacteria and do not absorb bad odors, for a long duration over time. Anti-mold, they guarantee maximum hygiene at each use.


Material: silicone 

Size: 11.5 x 7 x 2 cm

Color: green, yellow, red

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