Massager Gun with Single Belt

Massage Gun 2 in 1 Full Body Massager, Total Body Massage Gun with Vibration Belt, Handheld Body Massager Gun with 6 Massage Heads and Belt, Lateral and Percussion Full Body Massager
商品編號: SP23002-00000A
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This Total Body Massager builds on the concept of a massage gun, giving it a functional upgrade by introducing lateral (side-to-side) vibration massage. Sort of like how a masseuse kneads your body, releasing muscular knots, and relieving soreness. It can replace different massage products of your house, SAVING MONEY!


Material: ABS + PE + Silicone + Rubber + Metal 
Size: handle 1: 15 x 17.5 x 5cm, 
handle 2: 15 x 15 x 2.5cm, 
belt: 100 x 5cm  
With brushless motor
Charging voltage: 5V, rated voltage: 7.4V, power: 25W 
Built-in 18650 1500mAh rechargeable battery
Charging time: 2hrs, working time: 90mins
Speed 1800-3200rpm, 5 gear frequency: 1800/2450/2700/2950/3200rpm 
Interface: USB-Type-C 
Noise decibel value: 45/50/55 dB
One set incl.: 1pc Powered Hand Grip, 1pc Anchor Hand Grip, 6pcs Massage Head (acupressure head/ dual head/ flat head/ precision head/ arrow head/ round head), 1 Adjustable Belt with Hook & Loop Fastener, 1pc Textured Belt Attachment, 2pcs Round Belt Attachment, 2pcs Pointed Belt Attachment, 1pc Type-C USB Charging Cable